To show the visitors of my homepage who I am, what I can do and what my motives are, I built up this site.

Let me start by introducing myself. Like the title of the page already says: my name is Kurt Sassenhagen. I was born in 1954 in Dinslaken, Ruhr-area, Germany. My father was a miner, as well as my brothers were. As well as I was. My mum stayed at home.

When I was younger I had some key experiences which showed me and my parents, that I differed from the other children at my age. I could tell them things which hadn’t happened so far. My parents were afraid of the mockery of neighbors and friends, maybe even of my abilites, so they kept it as a secret, never told anyone about it and asked me to do the same.

But my abilities weren’t impressed by that behaviour – the didn’t go away. But I didn’t want to lose them, so it was fine with me. And still is. Later in my life things started happening, which made me hold on to the path I chose and keeping my experiences on record. I decided to take the visions I have as serious and important as they are.

Due to my visions I am on tour regularly. Mostly my travels have something to do with me having a better “reception” of predictions when I visit certain places and certain regions of the world.

A few years ago I decided to make my abilities public. Certain press articles and my first book were published. Even if it happens, that people call me nuts, I wrote and spoke to some very important persons around the world. A short insight into my experiences with them can be seen on this page.

I’d like to spare out the other details of my life. For I don’t have the space to describe and you probably don’t have that much time to read every single detail. If you’re interested in reading more about me and my abilities (in detail), I recommend my first book “Die Zeit des Weges“, which can also be made available in english.

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