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Dear guest,

I’m happy that you found the way onto my website. I guess most of you are here, because they have already heard of me or my story. If not, let me do a short thought experiment with you to help you understand my situation:

Remember the horrible pictures of the tsunami in Japan this year. The shock, when you heard of the high waves; the unpleasant feeling while watching pictures of the devastated landscape on TV and the feeling of doom all around, when the news of damaged nuclear power plants got more and more. And finally the drama about Fukushima, which hasn’t even ended yet. Now imagine yourself sitting in front of the TV, listening to the anchorman announcing the rarely believable news. How a voice coming out of the off describes pictures of horror and devastation, which fill us with reverence for the natural forces once more.

And now imagine you see these pictures before anyone else can. Even before alarm systems react or someone can think of something like this happening. No one else can see what you see; there’s nobody you can share your expereince with totally. But the one thing you know is: it will happen.

That’s how I feel. That’s my situation. Of course I have the love, understanding and support of my family and my friends. Nevertheless I’m still alone regarding my visions and my predictions. I can foresee things, which will happen in the future, even if they might seem unbelievable. I can talk about the predictions, but nobody else will ever see the pictures the way I do. People are able to see it, when the event has already happened; when the pictures can be seen on TV screens worldwide. But even then it looks slightly different to what I saw before.

On the following pages I’d like to introduce myself, my life and my abilities to you.

Have fun on the page and feel free to contact us,


Kurt Sassenhagen


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