On this page of my website I’d like to introduce you to people I met while I was on tour.

In Abu Dhabi we received a Medal of Honor (not to be confused with the american version)




I was in Abu Dhabi more than once. On one of my visits a Medal of Honor was given to me.







A few years ago I got to know George Foreman, who is a preacher in his hometown





The USA have also been the destination of multiple tours of mine. This picture was taken after a mass in the church where George Foreman preaches.









In 2005 Arnold Schwarzenegger (at that time Govenor of California) got one of my books "Die Zeit des Weges" as a present. This is the letter in which he states his appreciation.




When I visited the United States in 2005 I also visited the office of Arnold Schwarzenegger and left him one of my books. A few weeks later I received this letter as a sign of his appreciation.










During my many tours I even got to know the racing driver Remo Leeman.





In Germany I got to know the motorcyclist Remo Leeman.









An autograph of Remo Leeman saying "To my coach Kurt!"

Copyright of all pictures: Kurt Sassenhagen

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